Download the DNAproDB Database

Below are links where you can download the entire DNAproDB database for your own use. The file you'll recieve is a compressed text file. Once extracted, each line will contain a single JSON document corresponding to a single DNA-protein complex which is stored in the database. You'll have to read the file line-by-line and parse each line individually, rather than parsing the entire file at once. Only the data which is extracted from the structure is stored - the actual coordinates of the structures are not provided. The uncompressed file will be several GB in size.

To extract the file, use the program p7zip. A useful tutorial is available here. Once installed, the command to extract is simply:

7z e <FILE_NAME>

If you use data provided by DNAproDB in your work, please remember to cite us!


Right-click, choose "save link as..." and choose a filename and destination.

Version 2.0


2.0 (initial release):

Version 1.0

1.0 (initial release):