Upload a DNA-Protein Complex

Use the form below to upload a structure file (in PDB format) and have it processed by DNAproDB. You'll be given a link to a report page for your structure - if you wish to keep your data private, then do not share this URL with other people. No information from your structure will be collected. If you provide an e-mail address, you'll be notified by e-mail when your job is ready - otherwise you can check back every half hour or so. From the report page for your structure, you can use our visualization tools and view or download extracted features in JSON format.

In order to ensure your structure is processed correctly, please read the following:

  1. Your structure will be processed as-is. No attempt will be made to generate a biological assembly or apply any symmetry operations. Therefore, ensure that your structure is complete and has the proper symmetry, before uploading it.
  2. Ensure that all chain identifiers and all residue identifiers within a chain are unique. If multiple chains have the same chain id, or multiple residues within a chain have the same number, this will likely cause problems.
  3. The entire structure should be contained in a single model. The presence of multiple models will cause your structure to be rejected.
  4. All header information is ignored. Only the ATOM records of your file will be used, so do not expect any information which may be included in the header file to appear in your structure report.
  5. Your structure must not be too large. You will receive an error if this is the case. You'll also be notified if it is unreasonably small (which probably indicates you failed to properly apply the necessary symmetry operations).
  6. The structure must contain exactly one double-stranded DNA helix. Structures with multiple helices, or non-helical DNA will be rejected. If your structure does have multiple double-stranded helices, then you should split the structure up into multiple files, each containing one helix.
  7. Ensure that your file is properly encoded. Files should be plain text (text/plain mime type) in UTF-8.
  8. Ensure your structure is in the correct PDB format. Any issues parsing your file will result in it being rejected from further processing.